Our fleet

We meet your transportation needs
Our selfdischarging ships provide the most flexible, efficient and cost saving method for transporting bulk cargo and break bulk cargo – with loading and discharging operations fully performed by the ships’ crews.

Selfdischarging vessels
Our specialty is selfdischarging bulk carriers. These vessels are fitted with an excavator secured to a travelling gantry. This enables the most efficient and careful loading and discharging of any cargo. By selfloading and selfdischarging with our vessels’ equipment, costly loading and discharging facilities ashore are avoided and you will save both time and money due to our fast operations. You are free to choose berth, completely independent of shore cranes and stevedores, and can even reduce road transport. Our vessels are especially suited when it is imperative to avoid crushing of cargo.

Our selfdischargers can handle almost any bulk cargo, but also logs, bigbags, and other break bulk cargoes. Loading and discharging operations are fully performed by the vessel’s crew, including trimming and sweeping. Our vessels are capable of discharging up to about 600-700 tons per hour.

As our vessels’ holds are steelfloored and fully boxshaped without any obstructions, they can also trade as modern multipurpose vessels for general cargoes and project cargoes. The excavator can be parked in the forward or aft position on top of the vessel’s hatch, avoiding conflict with crane operations from shore.

**MV AASVÆR TBN Hybrid Methanol-ready selfdischarger 9200 DWCC
**MV AASland TBN Hybrid Methanol-ready selfdischarger 9200 DWCC
**MV AASVard TBN Hybrid Methanol-ready selfdischarger 9200 DWCC
MV AASfoss Hybrid selfdischarger 9200 DWCC

MV AASfjell Hybrid selfdischarger 9200 DWCC
MV AAStind selfdischarger 7650 DWCC
MV AASnes selfdischarger 7400 DWCC
MV AASvik selfdischarger 7200 DWCC
MV AASfjord selfdischarger 6300 DWCC
MV AAStun selfdischarger 6300 DWCC
MV AASli selfdischarger 6200 DWCC
MV AASheim selfdischarger 6000 DWCC
MV buvik selfdischarger 3500 DWCC