Shipowning for generations

Our company was established in 1981 by Hans Martin Torkelsen. He started as a Captain-owner, and there has been tradition for shipowning for generations in this family. We are situated in Mosterhamn (on an island between Bergen and Stavanger), which has a long tradition for single-ship companies. Over the years the company has developed into working mainly with selfdischargers. We are looking forward into the future, and are considering further development within selfdischargers as well as other sectors within shipping.

Other business areas

We believe that we can adapt our quality of operation into other areas of shipping. We are constantly searching for suitable projects, where we can use our experience to offer customers a logistically sound and cost-effective solution. Further to this, we have ownership in real estate and other business areas. Among this is shareholding in Moster Eiendom and Moster Partner.