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Our specialty:

Selfdischarging bulk carriers

Our focus:

Quality. Efficiency. Flexibility.

Close to the Market:

We have our base at the
western coast of Norway.


Our selfdischarging ships provide the most flexible, efficient and cost saving method for transporting bulk cargo and break bulk cargo. Loading and discharging operations are fully performed by the ship’s crew. We also provide supply base transport for the oil industry.

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Our subsidiary, Aasen Chartering, have provided reliable and professional shipbroker services to clients in need of shipping services since 1991. We are exclusive brokers both for Aasen Shipping’s fleet and ships owned by others. Aasen Chartering also offer competitive and professional port agency services in all ports between Bergen and Stavanger.

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Aasen Shipping is a fully integrated shipowner. We have all management functions in-house, such as technical, accounts and safety management.

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