Hybrid vessels

We are proud to be one of the first companies ever to build hybrid powered bulk carriers. We have ordered two selfdischargers of 9.200 dwcc from European yard for delivery end 2021 and fall of 2022. These will be the largest selfdischargers with excavator in the market. The ships have been optimised to be the most environmental friendly ships of its kind, with special fetures such as:


  • Battery package enabling reduced fuel consumption of about 400 tons per year.
  • Battery package enabling peak shaving on main engine reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Battery package enabling propulsion and maneuvring in port without use of main engine.
  • Electric excavator enabling nearly noise-free loading and discharging operations.
  • Combination of electric excavator, battery and connection to shore grid enable operations completely free of emissions when in port.
  • Variable revolution on main engine reducing consumption/emissions further during slow steaming. Active Eco-control of propeller and main engine enable the most optimised operation.
  • Optimised hull design and main engine focusing on reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

Looking for the most efficient and environment-friendly selfdischargers ever built? Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Hybrid vessel